37.4 Gallon Internal Tank Sprayer

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37.4 Gallon Internal Tank Sprayer


The 37.4 Gallon Internal Tank Sprayer is a chemical spray applicator with an all stainless steel cart assembly for applying ready-to-use chemical solutions to a variety of surfaces. Connect compressed air to pressurize the 316L stainless steel ASME rated tank and project the solution through the hose, wand and fan pattern spray nozzle. Includes 2 spray nozzles which provide either 51 or 110 minutes of spraying time depending on the nozzle used.

Key Features:

- 316L stainless steel, ASME rated tank
- Draws pre-diluted chemical from the 37.4 gallon tank
- Alternate nozzles to project a low or medium volume fan pattern spray
- Sprays for 51 or 110 minutes per tank fill
- Powered solely by compressed air
- All stainless steel wetted components ensure durability and years of outstanding performance


- All stainless steel cart with non-marking tires and stainless steel swivel casters
- Stainless steel hinged mounting enclosure
- 37.4 gallon, 316L stainless steel, ASME rated pressure tank
- Stainless steel pressure relief pop-off valve
- 50' discharge hose, stainless steel ball valve, stainless steel wand & 2 fan nozzles
- Tank drainage spigot with stainless steel ball valve


- Ready-to-Use Chemical Solution
- Compressed Air up to 3 CFM
- Minimum Air Supply Line: 3/8"
- Hose: 1/2" ID x 50'

37.4 Gallon Internal Tank Sprayer Instructions


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