Water Hardness Strips: 0 - 425 PPM.

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Water Hardness Strips: 0 - 425 PPM.


Serim Water Hardness Test Strips measure total hardness expressed as calcium carbonate (CaCO3) concentrations in water of 0 - 425 ppm with color block increments at 0, 25, 50, 120, 250, and 425 ppm. 

WHAT does this product do?

Serim® Monitor™ for Water Hardness strips give a semi-quantitative indication of total harness expressed as calcium carbonate (CaCO3) in the water used for cleaning and disinfecting food products and equipment.

WHY should I use this product?

“Hard water can result in excessive power consumption, poor cleaning performance, and increased chemical consumption and biofilm formation.” Water hardness can drastically reduce the effectiveness of cleaning products. Additional amounts of cleaning products must be used to achieve satisfactory results. Hard water also allows film and scale formation to build up on surfaces. This increases the difficulty of cleaning, and “can interfere with heat transfer and reduced efficiency of heating equipment.” Serim Monitor strips yield quick indication of the level of water hardness.

WHERE do I use this product?

Test a sample of the water at the post-softener stage of the water treatment process to make sure that the softener is removing calcium and magnesium. You can also test the incoming (feed) water to determine the initial hardness.

HOW do I use this product?

Serim Monitor strips are supplied in ready-to-use form. When placed in contact with the sample according to the directions for use (see below), the indicator pad changes color relative to the concentration of total hardness expressed as CaCO3. The strips yield a semi-quantitative estimation with color block increments of 0, 25, 50, 120, 250, and 425 ppm.

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Serim Monitor™ for Water Hardness

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