Spray-On 25 BO

SKU: 9281765
Spray-On 25 BO


The Spray-On 25 BO is a battery operated portable sprayer that will handle your toughest chemical application needs.  Use the Spray-On 25 BO to apply disinfectant, detergents, acids, and various other liquid cleaners.  Remove the spray tip and the Spray-On 25 BO becomes a portable system for plant watering in greenhouses and commercial plant watering service companies.  The Spray-On 25 BO is ideal for those areas where compressed air, water, or electric is not available.  The Spray-On 25 BO comes equipped with a 12 volt cordless battery, on-board battery charger with battery power indicator gauge, 30 ft. of 3/8" ID discharge hose, 8" fill cap, a bottom mounted drain, and has a 25 gallon tank for your favorite cleaning solution.  The Spray-On 25 BO will spray up to 400 gallons of solution before needing to be recharged. The Spray-On 25 BO SHOULD NOT be used with any hydrocarbons or di-limonene products.


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