Portable 5 Gallon 455 4-Way Fogger

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Portable 5 Gallon 455 4-Way Fogger


The Portable 5 Gallon 455 4-Way Fogger is a chemical atomizer that uses compressed air (70 CFM @ 80 PSI) and venturi action to draw ready-to-use chemical solution from a user-supplied chemical pail on the all stainless steel cart. It will atomize the solution and project it as fine, "dry" fog particles in 4 directions up to 35 feet. This unit features a telescoping mast and can also be used as a 2-Way fogger.

Key Features:

- Atomizes chemical solutions using only compressed air
- Venturi action draws pre-diluted chemicals
- Projects fine, "dry" fog particles at distances up to 35' in 4 opposite directions
- Ball valves on 2 fogger bodies allows for conversion to 2-way fogging for narrow areas
- Variable height adjustment up to 80"
- Optional precision metering tips allow the user to refine the particle size
- Chemical resistant polypropylene and stainless steel construction


- All stainless steel 2-wheel cart with non-marking tires
- Stainless steel, round, 5 gallon jug rack (square optional)
- Stainless steel, adjustable height fogger pole
- 4 machined polypropylene fogger bodies
- 2 air ball valves
- 4 metering tip holders
- Two 10' chemical suction tubes and strainers


- Ready-to-Use Chemical Solution
- Compressed Air up to 70 CFM @ 80 PSI
- Minimum Air Supply Line 1/2"


Portable 5 Gallon 455 4-Way Fogger Instructions


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