LC Rinse/Foam Hose Drop Station

SKU: 9250032
LC Rinse/Foam Hose Drop Station


The Lafferty Rinse/Foam Hose Drop Station provides food plant sanitation crews the effectiveness of foam cleaning and rinsing from one convenient station.  The Rinse/Foam Hose Drop Station has a polypropylene foamer body offering durability and superior chemical resistance.  The foamer body draws chemical directly out of the chemical concentrate container helping to reduce employee exposure to chemicals.  The all-in-one design conserves space and saves on plumbing and installation costs.

Features:  Stainless steel base with hinged cover, chemical resistant polypropylene foamer body, metering tips, two dedicated 40' hose assemblies, foam hose assembly with stainless steel ball valve, 14" polypropylene foam wand and fan nozzle, rinse hose assembly with stainless steel ball valve and Lafferty's unique and powerful 4-hole stainless steel rinse nozzle.

Download LC Rinse/Foam Hose Drop Station Instructions.pdf


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