Foam-On 5

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Foam-On 5


The new ergonomically designed Natural Foam-On 5 portable foamer is designed to meet your most challenging sanitation needs. This unit will allow the operator to clean faster and more efficiently in any cleaning application. The Foam-On 5 comes equipped with 20 ft. of 1/2" ID foam hose and stainless steel foam wand, an inliner strainer to protect pump from debris, and has a 5 gallon tank for your favorite foaming cleaner. The Foam-On 5 operates on compressed air. 

Compressed Air Requirements: 5 - 10 cfm @ 40 - 80 psi

Pump Seals to choose from:

- Santoprene: standard
- Viton: upgrade against more aggressive chemicals
- Kalrez: the most robust against chemical attack and has the longest pump life

List of fluids/compounds that are allowed for each type of pump:

- Santoprene: Potable water, acids, alkalines, soap, alcohols and ketones.
- Viton: Oils, solvents, D-Limonene, aromatic & halogen hydrocarbons, acids.
- Kalrez: Lubricating oils, hydraulic oils, vegetable oils, alcohols, ketones, aromatic hydrocarbons, diluted acids, alkalis, soaps with solvents, automotive brake fluid, acetones, ethonal, inks.

 Other Specifications: 

DISCHARGE HOSE DIAMETER/LENGTH:  20 ft. (6 m) hose, with 1/2 in. (12.7 mm) inside diameter

DISCHARGE WAND/TIP TYP:   7 in. (17.8 cm) stainless steel wand with zero tip and ball valve

OUTPUT DISTANCE: 15-20 ft. (4.6 to 6 m)

OUTPUT VOLUME: 15-30 gal/min (57 to 144 l/min) of foam

FLOW RATE: * 2 gal/min (7.6 l/min)

WHEEL TYPE: Two 3 inch non-marking wheels



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