CalCheck - LED Calibration Verification

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CalCheck - LED Calibration Verification


CalCheck is a reusable, convenient LED device to quickly and reliably verify the calibration on your luminometer - in less than one minute! Though all Hygiena luminometers run a calibration self-check at start up,
a robust quality control program will often require proof that your instrument is calibrated. CalCheck provides all-in-one, reusable positive and negative calibration verification, activated simply by the click of a button.

In-house calibration checks confirm the Hygiena luminometer is working properly and demonstrate due diligence that a monitoring system is in control. CalCheck verifies your instrument's calibration in-house as part of a quality control program and eliminates the need for manufacturer calibration checks, saving you hundreds of dollars each year.


- Verify instrument calibration in-house as part of a quality control program
- Demonstrates due diligence to auditors and proves that your system is working properly
- One time purchase allows for unlimited calibration verification
- Powered by an easily replaceable coin battery
- Stable LED-based light source
- Compatible with Hygiena EnSURE™ Touch, EnSURE™, and SystemSURE Plus luminometers


- One battery-powered LED calibration verification device (features negative and positive modes)
- Shelf life: 5 years

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