2-Way Ball Valve Mixing Station

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2-Way Ball Valve Mixing Station


Lafferty chemical mixing stations are widely recognized as offering the highest quality construction and most dependable performance.  This mixing station will consistently dispense cleaning solutions diluted to precise chemical ratios in three standard flow rate options:

(BF) Bottle Fill - 0.6 - 1.0 gpm @ 40 PSI

(LF) Low Flow - 1.9 - 3.4 @ 40 PSI

(HF) High Flow - 4.0 - 7.3 gpm @ 40 PSI

Lafferty chemical mixing stations connect to existing water faucets (25 to 100 PSI) and draw chemical concentrates directly from original shipping containers, reducing employee exposure to concentrate chemicals.  Ball valve activation allows hands-free operation and positive water shut-off.  Twenty color-coded chemical metering tips provide consistent chemical to water dilution ratios, ensuring chemical effectiveness.  Lafferty mixing stations are efficient and enhance safety when filling spray bottles, pails, sinks, mop buckets, and floor scrubbers.    NOTE: When installing any chemical mixing station be sure to follow all state and local regulations regarding backflow prevention. 

Features:  This unit will dispense (2) separate chemicals. Stainless steel base and cover, garden hose fittings (right or left side) for easy installation, integrated backflow preventers, polypropylene injector(s) and three flow rate options: Bottle Fill (BF), Low Flow (LF), High Flow (HF).  When ordering you will need to specify the desired flow rate for each solution outlet.  For example, if you select a configuration of LF/HF you will receive a unit with one Low Flow (LF) dispenser and one High Flow (HF) dispenser.

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