10 Gallon Fog Unit with 3 Nozzles and Timer

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10 Gallon Fog Unit with 3 Nozzles and Timer


-Efficient air consumption (7.7 cfm, competing products consume 39 cfm)
-Timer version allows for situations where personnel need to be cleared from a space and/or overnight cleaning
-Deactivate unit from a distance
-Easy-to-use delay timer
-3 nozzles mounted on telescoping fog mast
-10 gallon (37.8 liter) tank
-Hinged back plate
-Natural color tank for easy product level visibility
-Hinged lid – available in 5 colors
-Front-facing drain
-Santoprene, Viton, or Kalrez pump seals available
-In-line strainer

Power Type:
Compressed air and electricity

Chemical pickup type:
Draws from pre-mixed solution

Number of products unit can draw from:
One product

12.5 gallons (47.32 liters)

flow rate*:
3.7 gallons/hour per nozzle (11.1 gallons/hour total with 3 nozzles)

Pump seals:
Santoprene, Viton, or Kalrez

Timer operation type:
Single shot timer with delay

Droplet size:
15 microns at 50 psi

Coverage area**:
1 liter of solution will cover approximately 1000 cubic feet

Product height:
41 inches (104 cm)

Run time from full tank**:
approx. 1 hour

Nozzle type:
Pneumatic Fog Nozzle

Number of nozzles:

Fog mast height range:
3.5-8.5 ft. (1.1-2.6 m)

Wheel type:

*Dilution rates and flow rates given are based on chemical with viscosity of water and factory air pressure settings.

**Area covered and run time may vary based on humidity, air flow, and product used.


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