Places You Forget to Clean

on 12/18/2015

With Christmas in a week, many of us are probably tidying up our homes in preparation for holiday festivities. When cleaning the house we tend to focus on the surfaces that we see, but forget about those hidden nooks and crannies. Here are some other spots you might want to tackle during your holiday cleaning:

Under Refrigerator: While tidying up the kitchen scoot your refrigerator out and clean the floor underneath it..

Under Couch Cushions: When vacuuming, just lift up your couch cushions and vacuum under them.

Ceiling Fan: Grab a damp paper towel and wipe your ceiling fan to clean off all the dust.

Door knobs and remote control: take a sani-cloth disinfectant wipe and quickly swipe your germy knobs and controls.

Tooth brush holder: While cleaning bathroom, also clean your tooth brush holder. Bacteria can spread to your brush so it’s important to keep this clean!

Toaster: Peek inside to see if there is a lot of crumbs and if so, dispose.