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Chemical Resistant Acid Sprayer - 3Gal.

Acid Resistant Sprayer - Chemical Resistant Acid Sprayer - 3Gal. 

Chemical Resistant Acid Sprayer - 3 U.S. Gallons


Our Chemical Resistant Pump-up Sprayer is the perfect choice for those tough applications where most sprayers fail.  Designed to handle most chemicals including corrosive acids, this unit provides a more reliable longer-term solution to your spraying needs.  Here are some of the features offered with our 3 gallon unit:

  • Maximum chemical resistance.

  • Red heavy duty poly tank.

  • Capacity of 3 U.S. Gallons

  • Specially designed heavy duty valve.

  • Highly chemical resistant hose.

  • Pin to cone or optional fan spray tip.

  • Field repairable, no tools required.

  • The utmost in chemical resistant.

  • Stainless Steel pump rod.


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